• Lefkada
    Here Is Where Your Life's Dream Starts
  • Lefkada
    Here Is Where Your Life's Dream Starts


Say Hello to your next Greek’s dream Villa! In recent years, Greece in general, and the island of Lefkada in particular, have become extremely popular for purchasing elite real estate properties - and you shouldn’t miss our next offer!
On the Eastern Side of the famous Lefkada Island, lies a unique seafront villa complex,  with white and pristine beaches enclosed, within touching distance of City Center and and all necessary facilities .
The villas are characterized by high technical specification, while emphasizing the natural environment and utilizing the space while combining smart construction and a perfect level of finish.
Private Villas
Dunam each
Dunam compound
Sandy beaches with direct access
Beautiful open view

Everything You Desire Is In Reach


Lefkada town

Porto Katsiki

Aktion International Airport

Your Own Private Pearl
HOFIM Project Contains 4 villas , each one of them offers a rich specification, covering up tp 180 sqm + 2 Infinity Pools in a total area of 44 sqm. Each villa is divided into 4 spacious bedrooms, a wide open  living room with a spectacular view , 4 private  bathrooms, private parking lot and a storeroom,  and is built on a land area of about 2 acres, overlooking the mesmerizing view of  Skorpios island and the Greek Ionian Islands.
Inspired By Nature
The villas blend in perfectly with the local Greek nature and the sea, thanks to the careful planning and architectural design which combines natural materials and environmental inspiration from the sea and the greek culture.
Heaven Created By The Sea
The villas located in a rare and unique location. The eastern part of the island enjoys comfortable weather all year around. Combined with a calm sea and a windless bay it has the perfect condition for a pleasure yacht and boat cruise in the nearby islands.
Luxury And Well-Being Blend In Together
The design of the villas ensures a harmonious connection between the villa and the outdoors while maintaining complete privacy and easy access to the island and the sandy beaches, within walking distance.
Architectural Planning
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